5 months as a Field Engineer

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Five months already! I feel like it’s only been five weeks or so!
What happened since I’ve left the Airbus juggernaut and joined this forward-thinking startup called Solo.io?

Well, I’ve learnt a lot about Envoy!

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That’s it, thanks for reading me :)

More seriously, I’ve been working as a Field Engineer and…​ excuse me?

What is a Field Engineer?

Well, not sure if there is a standardized definition, but we are primarily technical experts (especially with Kubernetes in our area). We are doing some pre-sales consulting, enablement, support and talks.

Here is an overview of my activities over the last few months to give you a better idea. I’ve…​

  • met dozens of prospect interested in our cloud native solutions

  • facilitated more than 10 hands-on workshops with the community

  • been helping more than 20 European (+ Israeli 👋) customers (support on slack)

  • produced 3 small videos for mastering Gloo Edge

  • written 3 blog posts for advanced use cases with Gloo Edge

The three videos on Youtube:

video security workflow 10 video filter flow 10 video secure cp 10

The three blog posts:

blog dynamic routing 28 blog ssllabs 28 blog advanced mtls 28

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Gloo Edge, the full-featured, Kubernetes native, API gateway

Next? Mesh, mesh, mesh!

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From now on, I’ll try to focus on Istio and on our management plane solution, called Gloo Mesh.

gloo mesh
Management plane?

If Istio acts as a control-plane for sidecar proxies, then Gloo Mesh acts as a management plane for multiple clusters running Istio.

And, because I’m sure you want to know more about it, here are the main benefits of using such a product:

  • hybrid service-mesh connectivity, with a simplified API, making cross-cluster policies just easy (traffic management, access policies, etc.)

  • automatic endpoint discovery with Gloo Mesh agents, reporting to the management plane

  • locality-aware failover

  • centralized metrics and logs for your different clusters

  • fine-grained RBAC for Ops. You control who can target which workload with which kind of policy (TrafficPolicy, AccessPolicy, AccessLogs and more)

  • identity federation (ie. one common root CA, signing intermediate CAs for your clusters, themselves signing workloads identities, aka. SPIFFE)

  • WASM support

  • Enterprise Istio support, until N-3

  • FIPS compliant builds

  • supports flat networks

  • works on OpenShift, EKS, GKE, AKS, IBM and vanilla Kubernetes!

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One step ahead

Also, we’re working on a fully managed platform, called Gloo Cloud. This means that we take care of the management plane for you. You log in with your enterprise credentials and you manage cross-cluster policies from there! in other words: Istio as a Service.

gloo cloud2

If that makes sense to you, then drop us a message on Slack! We’ll be happy to help!

EDIT 08/28: we have changed our plans. We will focus on top-notch technologies. More announcements during the next ServiceMeshCon!

Join us!

And if you feel concerned about modern network application engineering - or consulting, know that we have open positions! Feel free to apply on our job board or reach out to me.